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The MDS Troup returned from one of the most magnificent trips we have ever had…the Red Sea Egypt & Jordan. Due to the pandemic and other situational problems this trip had been delayed for three years.


We departed Chicago O’Hare on Royal Jordanian Air and flew to Amman Jordan then onto Cairo Egypt. We overnighted in Cairo before flying Egyptian Air down to Hurghada. We spent eight days on the Liveaboard Dive Boat Emperor Elite diving the southern Red Sea.  We started with the Elphinstone Reef, The Brothers Reefs and spent the last two days on Daedalus Reef. There we saw sixteen hammerheads in one school, a couple of thrasher sharks and had close encounters of the first kind with Oceanic White Tips.  Ask Jenny and Ruth how exciting that was. The coral walls provide all the panoramic beauty and excitement we were promised.  All this was complimented with one fantastic crew. As we left the boat we were told if we left anything they would send it to us, however I did leave a part of my heart and soul that will remain there into perpetuity


After disembarkation we toured the antiquities of Egypt. We were levitated with a sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.  The Pyramid’s, Sphinx and Museum provided us with enlightenment of over 3000 years of the Pharaohs of Old, Middle and New Kingdoms. Our lodging at Luxor was Steigenberger Hotel on the bank of Nile River.  This afforded us the opportunity to wash our feet in the Nile River and take a sunset ride in a Egyptian Felucca sailboat.


Half of the group returned home after five days of touring while seven adventure seekers continued onto Amman Jordan. We linked up with the Goddess of Tour Guides…Maha. Her abundant knowledge, experience and charismatic personality provide us with an undaunted exploration of the City of Petra, numerous castles, temples and delightful restaurants.


We turned our ageing years back with a mud bath while bobbing like corks the Dead Sea, and we spent on night glamping in the red sand desert at Wadi Rum.  Wadi Rum is the location for filming several movies to include The Martin and Lawrence of Arabia to name just a few


I’ve led 167 trips to foreign countries and islands but this trip is unequivocally the best. Numerous Bucket Lists were check of on this once in a lifetime adventure. .


 All arrangements were coordinated and made with a lady named Petra at Fly & Sea Travel, Vancouver…… I can sum this Adventure up in three words…

                              SIMPLY THE BEST

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