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Philippines A 3 year trip on Hold

Philippines A 3 year trip on Hold

Thanks to COVID our Philippine trip was on hold for 3 years.  Travel was truly an experience and a must to fly in Comfort + on Delta since the journey over was 36 hours, but well worth the travel time.  Our resort was Puerto Galera where the group manged to make up to 24 dives.  The soft coral is in excellent shape and if you like Nudibranchs, Puerto Galera will leave you spell bound.  Rides to the dive sites were no more than 14 minutes.  We had a perfect week of diving and the dive staff, restaurant personnel and staff far exceed our expectations.Th final evening was one of unexpected fun and yes there was dancing!!Our only remorse was having to return home.  But in the iconic word of General Douglas MacArthur...

              "We Will Return"



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