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BEE Keeping Class

Are you curious about Honeybees and what it takes to raise them?  Take a class!  We have a class designed for you.

Central Illinois Beekeepers Association (CIBA) will be offering a beginning beekeeping class, Beekeeping 101.  It will be on February 5th, 2022.  It will be 8:30-4:30 at the U of I Extension Office, 1615 Commerce Parkway, Bloomington, IL

You will learn about various equipment, how to get and install bees into a hive. How to do an inspection, the life of the bees, spotting the queen and her eggs, the calendar and seasonal care of bees.  How to spot pests and diseases and what to do.  Know the laws you need to follow.  How to start your new smoker.  What products are produces from honey and wax.  Figuring the costs and managing your hives.

With your class registration you will receive a smoke, hive tool, Frist Year in Beekeeping book and calendar year membership to CIBA and ISBA (Ill. St. Beekeeping Assoc.)

There will be door prizes,  Grand prize is a complete 8 frame hive from Hillco Bees.  Other prizes are gift certificates to Hillco bees, bottling buckets, framing jig, nucs.

Questions? Message me, PK/Patti Koranda 309-826-0089


Patti Koranda (PK)
CIBA Treasurer

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